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Candle in the DarknessWhen I first stared this blog, I did not intend to post any more than once, or maybe twice a week. Frankly, I didn’t think I had that much to share.

Finding this book available for free blew my nice neat schedule out of the water. I just posted yesterday, but I HAD to post this today. I didn’t want you to miss it.

My wife read this (checked it out online from the public library) and it blew her away. She shared some excerpts with me, and just those few paragraphs blew ME away. Candle in the Darkness is a great Christian novel. I’m in the process of reading it now.

This is not normally available for free. Get it before it goes back to the regular $8.99 price.

4 1/2 stars – 414 customer reviews.

DESCRIPTION: Lynn Austin takes readers on a dramatic journey through the Civil War years in her award-winning Refiner’s Fire series. Told in three unique perspectives–Southern, Northern, and slave–each book offers a riveting and eloquent exploration of a nation and its people grappling with racism and injustice. With writing rich in historical detail, Austin brings to life the compelling journeys of characters confronted with the risks and sacrifices their beliefs entail.

That description, taken from the Amazon. com page, does not even come close to telling you what’s really IN THE HEART of the story.

This is the “slave” book in Lynn Austin’s Refiner’s Fire series. We haven’t read the other books in the series (yet) so I don’t know what number this book would be in the sequence.

The slave, Eli, has a LOT to say about truly living the Christian life. He doesn’t just talk it, he walks it.

I may be breaking a rule (hope not) but here is an excerpt from the book This is just a small sample.

I have to!” he shouted. “I’m not like you. I can’t lay down and be a dog for the massa. I’m a man, not a dog!”Eli grabbed his son’s shirtfront and hauled him close, speaking right in his face. “Now you get one thing straight. I know I’m just as good as any white man. Ain’t no difference between me and Massa Fletcher in God’s sight. Bible say there neither slave nor free, but we all one in Christ Jesus.”

“Josiah shook himself loose. “If you believe that, then why you acting all yes sir and no sir? Why you letting them white folks treat you like dirt? How can you live with yourself?” “Because Jesus is my massa, not Massa Fletcher, and Jesus tell me I have to turn the other cheek. He say do good to them that persecute me. Night before He died, He wash all them white men’s feet, even the one who betrayed Him. And He say, `Do just like me: Jesus is God’s son and the white folk treat Him like dirt! They whip Him till He half dead, then they crucify Him. Ain’t no different than way they treat us. Jesus say, `Take up you cross and follow me.’ God knows how we’re treated, Josiah. He put us where we are for time being and give us a job to do. And even if I can’t see a reason why, I gonna do this job for Jesus. I gonna love white folks, whether they love me back or not, ’cause that’s what Jesus tell me to do.”

There’s more where that came from.

Click the picture or HERE to go to the page.


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