Free Graphic Novel – Life of Jesus

gospelcomicsThis is a 111 page book covering the life and ministry of Jesus. The publisher calls it a “comic book” and that it is, but by today’s standards it is a true graphic novel. The illustrations are top-notch.

The first page says over 35 million copies have been printed in 40 languages. It is available for free download in 17 languages on the website.

Be sure to click on the “Story Behind the Book” link on the left side of the homepage. It’s great reading about a great man. Here is a small excerpt.

Retired sea captain giving away 18 million gospel books

By Michael Ireland
ASSIST News Service

WHkapiteinIN 1989, retired sea captain Warmolt Houwing discovered an illustrated Bible story book, entitled He Lived Among Us. He obtained the copyrights and started giving the books away to fellow seamen in the Port of Antwerp.

Giving away these books has since become his mission in life. By enlisting the support of others, the Toronto-based evangelist has been able to print more than 35 million copies of this book in 40 languages. He distributes all the books free of charge, with help from many different organizations; and now he displays this book on the Internet in 17 languages for free download at:

TIP: After downloading the zip file, place it in a folder before you open it. The book is a set of html pages and images; it needs to be contained. After unzipping it right click on the index.html file and send a link to your desktop for easy reading.

e033e109Click on any image or here to go to the website.


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