is shutting down. Free books and discount prices abound.

eChristian.comSadly, is shutting down. Their last business day will be January 31st, 2014. Until then, many books are on sale and hundreds of free eBooks and Audiobooks remain available.

Use the drop-down “Sort by” menu at the top left and select “Price” to easily find all free books and sale items in any category. Click on the small red arrow on the right of the drop-down to sort by highest to lowest or lowest to highest price.


To see all free items at one time scroll down to FREE in the left main menu.

Most of their retail eBooks are DRM coded. They say that the books will continue to be readable on your device even after the site closes. However, please read this to be sure. INFORMATION AND ANSWERS

Most, if not all, of the free eBooks do not have DRM.

Any free eBook with a green cover (You’ll know what I mean when you see one.) is a simple copy of the free text available from They may or may not be to your taste. I suggest you download one and check it out before you fill your bookshelf.

Their sales prices are good. You might consider a purchase to help them on their way. I’m sure that closing down was a heart breaking decision.

No. I am not an affiliate. I have no connection with; I just wish them well.

Here are direct links to a few of the free items I found. There are hundreds more.

ESV Classic Reference Bible

Cherub Wings

The Galileans

Roses Will Bloom Abain


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