MeYup, I love reading. Especially personalized books. That is, personalized with the readers name. Like in Treasure Island: Replace Jim Hawkins name with my name, Frank Ray, and now I get to live the adventure personally – as I read. For me, the best personalized book of all is a personalized New Testament. Now THAT’S reading.


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  1. Carroll Boswell

    Yes, thank you for stopping by my blog as well and good luck to you in starting your own blog. The key is perseverance. I don’t know that my little Bible studies will be the kind of thing you can personalize in the way you mentioned, but I hope so. Any way, may God bless you and your household.

    1. bookloverfrank Post author

      Thanks for the good words, Carroll. Hey; there’s no such thing as a “little” Bible study. May Jesus richly bless you in your service to Him and the Family of God.

  2. triciajots4jesus

    Thanks for liking a post on Tricia’s Journal Jots blog. Love your idea about personalizing the books you read. Indeed the personalized New Testament is the best of reading. I love to personalize God’s promises throughout the Bible as long as they are made to ALL of God’s people and not just Israel or just some other particular group.
    God’s richest blessings on you.

  3. Sara Windsor

    Thank you for visiting my blog and reading about my first interview. I, too, adore reading and will be interested to see what you read and what your thoughts are about the books. I’m a huge fan of suspense novels and books that are a bit quirky (like Wally Lamb’s books). Welcome to blogging! Peace to your heart, Sara

  4. Five Quick Minutes

    Agreed! God is the Author and Finisher of everything. Thanks for following us. Take care.


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